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Fame & Philanthropy Documentary

The mega-event fundraisers at Los Angeles' Fame & Philanthropy enlisted KP & the Brain Fry team to assist in production of the documentary trailing his team as they gear up for the Oscars. Fame & Philanthropy supports the efforts of charitable organizations around the world.

Seeking Producers & Investors

KP’s award-winning short film Super Grannies Bridge Club is about a team of superhero grandmas. Who doesn’t love grandmas, superheroes and crime-fighting?! Find out how to get involved while this future blockbuster is still in pre-production.

Super Grannies Bridge Club (Writer/Director/Producer)

Kristen's short film, Super Grannies Bridge Club was recently admitted in its theatrical form to the NY International Fringe Festival after receiving several awards on the nationwide film festival circuit. This campy, comic-book themed adventure is a big hit!

Visit the official page!Watch the Trailer!

Ditmars Angels (Writer/Director/Producer)

Best friend trio Lisa Rossi, Dana Perino, and Amanda Kowalski set their neighborhood ablaze with amazing and of course, unexpected, flash mobs!

Visit the official page!Watch & Subscribe Here!

S!NG Student-Produced Musicals (Faculty Director)

S!NG is a city-wide after-school program where high school students write and direct their own full scale musicals. As a former English teacher at the prestigious Bronx High School of Science, KP annually acts as the faculty advisor for the S!NG productions, helping more than 100 high school students realize their production, from inception to the final curtain.


Actors Studio Drama School 2014 Repertory Season (Director)

The Actors Studio Drama School is the only MFA program officially sanctioned and supervised by the legendary Actors Studio. It is the only school that offers the authenticity, continuity and authority of the Stanislavski System and the Method. The curriculum has been designed and supervised by the leadership of the Actors Studio, including the Presidents of the Actors Studio, Ellen Burstyn, Harvey Keitel and Al Pacino. All students -- actors, directors, playwrights -- train side-by-side as actors and participate in the Craft Seminars known to the world as the Bravo Network television series “Inside the Actors Studio,” hosted by James Lipton. As 1 of the 4 accepted directors in the Actors Studio Drama School 2014 cohort, Kristen directed 4 fully produced pieces, 1 of which satisfied her thesis requirement for the MFA degree. “Jesus Hopped the ‘A’ Train” is Kristen’s hybrid directing experiment, combining her love of filmmaking with theatre by integrating multiple projections throughout the piece. Visit the PRESS PAGE for more.

Star Catcher Book Trailer

Amazon best-selling author Stephanie Keyes enlisted Kristen & the team at Brain Fry to create the trailer for her newest book: "The Star Catcher." "The Star Catcher" is the final book in her acclaimed young adult fantasy series - The Star Child. See the trailer HERE.

A Crime to Remember (2nd 2nd AD)

“A Crime to Remember,” is Investigative Discovery Channel’s nod to twisted tales of decades past. “A Crime to Remember” details the most provocative, juicy, real-life murder cases of the '50s and '60s. For more info, check out the PRESS PAGE.

Coach of the Year (2nd AD & Asst. to the Director/Producer)

Written & directed by David Stott (Match Productions & Coach of the Year, LLC) Coach of the Year is an independent, kid-friendly, sports comedy feature film based on the inspiring true story of a rag tag swim team that tries to win a state championship...without a pool to practice in. Coach of the Year is currently in post-production preparing for release.

Hearst Designer Visions 48 Hour Film Project Premiere Screening & Awards

Perspective written by Kristen Kress, Micharne Cloughley, Laura Bassi, Billy Devlin & Sofie Somoroff, tells the story of an artist at a loss for inspiration, until some help arrives from some unlikely friends and threatens to destroy his relationship. Perspective was filmed as part of the Hearst Designer Visions 48 Hour Film Project, in which six NYC filmmakers were provided a stipend and invited to film in luxury apartments on NY’s West Side. These six films competed for two prizes: best film and best sponsor brand integration. They were screened at the famous Angelika Theatre in January 2013, where "Perspective" won Best Brand Integration. See the PRESS PAGE for more details. Watch the film HERE.