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  • Aerotech Your Single-Source Automation Supplier for Optical Alignment and Probing Equipment 2019

    This animation has a really challenging rig, each platform having its own axes and is built using inversed kinematics so that one can set a single axis point, which all platforms work around. This accounts for all three points of rotation and three points of linear movement. This animation also featured some extraordinary ways to communicate to the consumer. For example, the fly though section of the Noncontact Motors uses a semi exploded view animation to transition from all the platforms except one. Then the platform goes into a shaded, transparent, wireframe mode while the part to focus on is left as a 3D rendered model. Then the camera flies though it to show that these motors do not touch at all.

    Using the tiny balls moving fast was influenced heavily by C4D dynamics. Luckily, I as able to sell the tiny ball idea to the consumer as Data moving though the optical tube. I added a little bit of motion blur and magic happened.

    This was under the art direction of EMG.

    Brand Aerotech

    Agency EMG

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