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  • Aerotech Galvo Scanner 2018

    The Aerotech Infinite Field of View was built to scale and used Xpresso to output the correct measurements. After the rig was built, the only animation that was required was lifting and lowering the scanner unit. The Workpiece XY FOV shot was broken down into 16 Adobe Illustrator art boards and then exported as useable splines in C4D. Placed it together like a jigsaw puzzle and used multiple spline Sweeps to show desired cut, actual cut. The big scanner, Galva Gantry Unit, was animated all from a spline. Xpresso and C.O.F.F.E.E. was used to animate the rig. Any shape can be placed here, and the rig will animate all the parts correctly to trace (cut) the desired shape. This was under the art direction of EMG.

    Brand Aerotech

    Agency EMG

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