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  • FS-Elliott How Does a Centrifugal Compressor Work 2017

    This was one of the first animations I (Tony) worked on with EMG. FS-Elliott called this their "dream animation". It was under development for a few years before I came on to the project. The models were provided by very old CAD files. I had to convert them to a workable format to import into C4D. This was before the sweet update that C4D came out with to auto-import CAD files. The model was very badly made so I had to rebuild most of it, using a fragmented model as something to trace. Once built and textured, the animation process began. This animation was extremely successful gaining over half a million views in four years, huge for any manufacturing company.

    I believe the success of the marketing for this video was based on its education of the product. Since then I have noticed similar compressor companies trying to produce very similar videos. It is quite flattering knowing that other firms are studying and trying to replicate my work. This was under the art direction of EMG.


    Brand FS-Elliott

    Agency EMG

    Roll Involved in the entire process. Was provided a script and CAD file.

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