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  • Kennametal Conforma Clad 2021

    The story behind the creation of this animation I (Tony) am very proud of. Kennametal did their due diligence finding a studio / agency to work with to produce this animation. Each studio they went to I was fortunate enough to be recommended to Kennametal to work directly with. After the 3rd recommendation Kennametal worked with us directly and it is a brand I am happy to serve.

    The fluids in this animation were all done in Real Flow, rendering was done with Redshift. All the animation was done in C4D. The style of the supers was greatly influenced by previous animations Kennametal produced. We have since then built tools in AE to run the supers quite efficiently. We are always excited to get a Kennametal project.

    Brand Kennametal

    Production Company MayoFlux

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